Since 1984 Lee S. Johnson Associates Inc. has serviced the Mid-Atlantic Fastener and Industrial markets. Think about that for a moment….In 1984 we had Ghostbusters, The Cold War, BYU-NCAA Football Champs, Stamps were .20, Huey Lewis & The News, President Reagan and the debut of The Cosby Show. That was a long time ago and as a company we weathered a lot of “stuff”, yet we are still doing today what my Dad was doing in 1984, taking care of both our Customers and our Principals by providing:

Customers with:

Principals with:

Lee S. Johnson, Jr. President

Mission Statement: 

LSJ  Inc. will never compromise our integrity for profit nor will we ever except compensation for inadequate performance. We demand and expect that both our customers and principals will respect our role in the marketplace and treat us with same level of professionalism and integrity that we show them.

Member Associations:

STAFDA- Specialty Tools & Fastener Distributors Association
MANA- Manufacturers Agents National Association
MAFDA- Mid-Atlantic Fasteners Distributors Association (Founder and President)
MFDA- Metropolitan Fasteners Distributors Association
ISA- Industrial Supply Association